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The top drone racing pilots in the world are turning their sights to the the hyper-competitive world of gardening! In this arena of aeration, these pilots’ seeds will surely be tested. Sign-ups open now! You could be the next top sky-mulcher!

In Drone Gardening League, pilot your drone around the small offshore island arena. Each round of the tournament lasts just a few minutes. Periodically, your garden will be scored. The drone with the highest score at the end of the round wins. Between rounds you can re-equip your drone with other modules to help reach victory. Maybe bring new flower seeds in. If those flowers defend themselves or you accidentally spill some high-test weedkiller, well, that’s just drone gardening for you.

Prototype game created for Ludum Dare 42 -- review page

  • You have a deck of cards that control various features of your drone. You can swap out cards between rounds.
  • Each card requires various resources listed on the card.
    • Battery (white): recharge by returning to your base station
    • Water (blue): suck up water by hovering over the water offshore
    • Elixer (purple): acquired automatically, or extract some from purple goop deposits around the island
  • A panel of judges score your garden every 10 seconds
    • 4 fully-grown plants are worth a star
    • Starflower and royal starflowers are worth more
    • The current standings are shown in the top left


Drone Gardening.exe 2 MB
Drone Gardening (post compo).exe 2 MB

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